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Following the advice of our friend Yianna Xenakis, we prepared for our Normandy visit by watching “The Longest Day”, the 1962 D-Day classic, with an all-star cast:  John Wayne, Richard Burton, Red Buttons, Paul Anka (yes), Sean Connery, Fabian (yes), Henry Fonda, Roddy McDowall, Robert Mitchum, Rod Steiger, Robert Wagner, and the list goes on… Just a […]

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Columbus Tower

At the end of La Rambla, in front of the Sea, stands the 60-meter high monument to Christopher Columbus (1452-1506).  During a short visit to Barcelona, most tourists will at least catch a glimpse of the tower. Built for the Exposición Universal de Barcelona of 1888, it is formally called the Mirador de Colón in […]

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I amsterdam

We boarded a midday train in Brugge and about 4 hours or 250 kilometers later, we arrived in Amsterdam, and were promptly ripped off (I think) by a cab driver who charged us 35 Euros to transport us the 3 kilometers to the Hotel Notting Hill. Still, we were in Amsterdam, and excited about the visit, and […]

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May 1 is Labour Day in Spain, and it fell on a Thursday, meaning a 4-day weekend and thus an opportunity for us to explore.  Vueling Airlines pointed us to Belgium, and we landed Wednesday afternoon and immediately boarded a train for the one hour, approximately 100 kilometer ride to Brugge. Our lodging was the Crowne […]

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Color Run

We are trying to absorb as much of Barcelona as possible during our last few months here.  And what better way to experience the city and its people than participating in a “fun run”?  Imagine being a tourist visiting San Francisco and running the Bay to Breakers. The Color Run, in existence since 2011, calls itself […]

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