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Bodrum and the Sea

After the one hour flight from Bodrum to Istanbul, we were greeted by a new guide, Yuval, for the 30 minute drive to the harbor.  It is certainly a cute little village/harbor, but unfortunately our first impression of Bodrum was tainted by Sea Song’s (tour company) lunch recommendation, Korfez Restaurant, “the oldest restaurant in town,” which warranted negative feedback […]

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This was it, a final trip, during a year of almost endless travel.  While we were clearly fortunate for the experience, the kids were ready for stability.  Normally, they would long for the long weekend (who doesn’t?), but not in Barcelona, because that meant leaving town and the comforts of home, and likely a museum […]

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Transportation, by Maggie Marks

Every day we take the metro to school, usually the S1 at 8:12 a.m.  We leave home at 8:00 and the walk takes a little less than 10 minutes. We go from the Muntaner station to Sarrià. This is our Muntaner sign at our station.  I am with my friend Jaya. When we get on […]

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Costa Brava and Dalí

While we had visited the Barcelona beaches (Barceloneta) and the nearby coastal town of Sitges (40 kilometers south of BCN), a trip north to the Costa Brava had evaded us.  But as our European adventure was coming to a close, we joined a group of several expat families for a weekend in the town of Pals, […]

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Roland Garros

From Normandy, we drove the lovely Renault Kangoo back to Paris to meet Dad, who had been with us in Barcelona for a few days, but chose to skip Normandy, given a previous visit.  His nice little hotel, Hôtel Sèvres Saint Germain, was well located around the corner from our not so nice airbnb apartment at […]

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