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Sant Jordi

Today is el día San Jorge here in Barcelona, otherwise known as Diada Sant Jordi (Catalan), or Saint George’s Day.  April 23 is also the cumpleaños of Mom!  Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia, as well as that of England and certain other locales.  While not a holiday here, the day has been celebrated […]

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School started today.  If MEM were nervous, they didn’t show it.  A new adventure that they may appreciate someday.  The first responses by all to “how was the first day?” were, “the food was terrible.”  They were on the meal plan, but looks as if we are switching to bag lunches.  It could be worse. […]

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Blade Runner

I shaved my beard.  Ten days of stubly growth were admittedly enough.  But, sadly the blade work came right before the new parents orientation at BFIS (Benjamin Franklin International School), indicating that I truly cared about my appearance.  The beard did look awful and caused some degree of discomfort.  Still, I had turned it into […]

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